DC 12V/24V/48V to AC 110V/220V Pure Sine Wave 2000W Power Inverter with Charger LCD Display UPS Remote Controller

Top Selling 2000W DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Charger | Warranty: 1 Year | Brand: NA| Continuous Output: 2000W

DC 12V/24V to AC 110V/220V


Built-in Charger

UPS Function

USB Port

Pure Sine Wave

Surge Power 4000W

Sufficient Power Inverter



Meind DC 12V/24V/48V to AC 110V/220V Pure Sine Wave 2000W Power Inverter with Built-in Charger, LCD Display, UPS, USB, Remote Controller

It transfers DC power from the battery into clean AC power. With a peak power of 4000W and sufficient continuous 2000W, this inverter is excellent for powering sensitive equipment, loads directly from the battery.

When it comes to power failure or outside, it is the ideal solution for supplying stable true sine wave power for the computer, air pump, small motor and fridge that modified sine wave inverter cannot. This inverter is perfect for use at worksites, on boats, even in the off-grid solar system. Its digital display screen can tell real-time output voltage.

The numerous safety features including overload alarm, soft start system, DC input low or high voltage, output overload, over temperature, short circuit shut down, and high-speed temperature controlled cooling fan. This practical thing could be a great helper for your beautiful life!

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 Model REPU-2000
 Rated power 2000W
 Peak power 4000W
 Input voltage DC12V
 Output voltage 110VAC or 220VAC +/- 5%
 Unload current less than 0.4A 0.3A 0.2A
 Output frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz or 60Hz±0.5Hz
 Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
 Waveform distortion THD<3%(Linear load)
 UPS transfer <9ms
 USB output 5V 1A
Cooling method Intelligent air cooling
 Max.efficiency 90%
Charging current 20A 10A 5A
 Input voltage range 10-15.5V 20-31V 40-61V
 Low voltage alarm 10.5±0.5V 21±0.5V 42±1V
 Low voltage protection 10±0.5V 20±0.5V 40±15V
 Over voltage protection 15.5±0.5V 31±0.5V 61±1V
 Low voltage recover 12.3±0.5V 24±0.5V 48±1V
 Over voltage recover 14.8V±0.5V 29.5V±0.5V 59V±1V
 Low voltage Alarm at first, voltage continuously reduce. LED Red light on & shut down
 Over voltage LED Red light on, shut down
 Over load LED Red light on, shut down
 Over temperature Alarm at first, tempurature continuously rise. LED Red light on & shut down
 Short circuit LED Red light on
 Input reverse polarity Fuse burn-out
 Working temperature —10°—+50°
 Storage temperature —30°—+70°
 Dimension(mm) 396*180*130
 Packing(mm) 500*280*220
Net./gross weight(kg) 6/7.5
QTY/Ctn 2Pcs
Meas.Ctn(mm) 520*200*270
Warranty 1 years

Meind 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter pictures:

This 2000W pure sine wave power inverter is able to be equipped a remote controller (optional). The controller can turn on/off inverter, display battery capacity as well.

We can make this pure sine wave power inverter with many types of sockets for you:

This 2000W pure sine wave inverter works well with a 2100W induction cooker and a 2000W electric radiator

Meind 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Features:

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