500W UPS Power Station Portable Solar Power Supply Rechargeable Power Generator with Li Battery

Power Rated 500W; Peak 1000W

Pure Sine Wave 110V or 220V AC Output

Build-in 12V Li-battery

4 USB Output 5V/3A, 4 DC Output 12V/4A

UPS Transfer Time ≤ 10ms

1 LED Light

AC/Solar/Wind/Cigar Lighter Charging



500W Portable UPS Power Station Solar Power Supply Rechargeable Power Generator with Li Battery inside

Meind MES-500 backup power supply is a high-end fashion power supply products, by using aluminum alloy material, lightweight portable design, stylish appearance, and build-in high quality lithium batteries, advanced manufacturing technology, it is able to provide pure sine wave AC output, DC output, USB output, to power your electronic products anywhere. It can get charged by AC power, car cigar lighter and even solar or wind enegry. It is also a UPS. This product can be used not only as EPS power supply, but also as indoor or outdoor standby emergency power supply.

–Lightweight, portable and beautiful appearance.

–Large capacity, lithium battery used insuring far higher capacity than other product with same size.  

–Outputting powerful energy providing two types different voltage mode  AC/DC. For adaptive different electronic products demand.

–It can be an on-line UPS and also a pre-emergency standby power source. Meeting power requirements of most mobile electronic products.

–Easy for Charging (4 ways): Solar Charging, Car cigrette socket charging AC/Home Input, wind energy.

–The UPS will automatically switchover to power your computer with inside lithium battery when power off (city electricity). The Reaction Time: ≤5MS 

–Comes with 3-Prong AC input plugs which you could feel free to use our UPS without any safety concerns!
–Built-in an adapter which you could directly charger your AC devices with any extra connectors/adapters.

–Perfect Power Supply: Indoor/Home, Outdoors, Industrial, Medical, Army, Technology Industry. ��


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