180W Smart Automatic 12V/24V Car Battery Charger LCD 5-Stage Intelligent Pulse Repair Lead Acid Lithium Battery

One-button automatic. Applicable for 12V or 24V battery

LCD display: power, voltage, current. Showing charging status in stages

The current can be adjusted manually, Automatic & manual charging modes, more reliable and secure

Compatible with 12.6V lithium battery charging

Multifunctional protection

Apply for Scooter, motorcycle, car, SUV, small truck, tractor and any vehicle batteries



180W Smart Automatic 12V/24V Car Battery Charger LCD 5-Stage Intelligent Pulse Repair Lead Acid Lithium Battery

It’s compatible with all kinds of 12V /24V battery. Lead-acid battery, water battery, maintenance-free battery, dry battery charging. GEL battery, OPZV, VRLA battery, Solar battery ect. And 12.6V lithium battery etc.
Apply to: scooter, motorcycle, car, SUV, small truck, tractor, Outdoor lighting battery any and vehicle batteries etc.

Automatic / Manual Mode:

A: Automatic mode

Automatic detection of battery requirements, intelligent adjustment of current, self-stop, suitable for normal use of the battery.

M: Manual mode

For deficient battery, low-voltage battery, low temperature, manual mode charging after a period of time into automatic mode remember to manually monitor the battery temperature, battery shell heating stop charging, do not charge for a long time.

Model: XW-20B Power: 180W
Input voltage: 110V-250V AC Frequency: 50-60HZ
Output Voltage: 12V/24V DC Working Current: 0-10A (Automatically Adjust)
Voltage Identification: 12V Peak (8-14.5V);24V Peak (18-29V)
Battery Type: 1. 12V/24V battery: Lead-Acid Battery; Maintenance-free battery; Dry battery, Water battery; Gel battery; Solar battery, ect.
2. 12.6V Lithium battery
Protection: Short Circuit, Reverse Connection, Overheating, Over Current,
Low Voltage, Over Voltage Protection
Working Temperature: -30℃ to +50℃ Product size: 175*138*60 (mm)
Net Weight: 0.7kg Gross Weight: 0.8kg
Packing: 20Pcs/ctn Carton Size: 42×36.5x38CM
Packing Weight: 19KG Plug: Customized
Input Cable: 120CM Output Cable: 60CM


Charging time reference:

Battery(AH) Charging time(H) battery(AH) charging time(H)
6AH 1 9AH 1-2
20AH 2-4 36AH 4-6
45AH 5-8 60AH 6-10
80AH 9-12 105AH 11-14
120AH 12-15 150AH 15-18
180AH 18-22 200AH 22-28


1. Batteries of any size of 12V/24V can be charged. The current will be adjusted automatically.

2. The charging time depends on the true capacity of the battery. The larger the true capacity of the battery, the longer it will take to charge.

4 Charging Stage:

1. Constant Current: It means the battery voltage is lower than the set voltage of charger, then the charger supply constant charging current to maintenance both battery and charger

2. Constant Voltage: It is advanced pulse width modulation (PWM) technology. It controls the charger’s current and output voltage accurate, avoids overcharge

3. Floating Charge: When the battery is going to be full charged, the charger will stop charging, but still supply constant floating voltage and small current to the battery

4. Trickle Charge: When the battery voltage and current are approaching the set voltage and current, it will turn to trickle floating charge from automatic mode. It means full charged, but also can be charged by floating mode.

Charging operation:

1. Examine and make sure rated voltage of battery is conforming to output voltage of charger.

2. Connect correctly the charger and the battery.

3. Examine and make sure mains supply voltage is conforming to input voltage of the charger.

4. Connect mains supply and the battery, check if the indicator is on and the cooling fan is working when charging.

Customized plug for this battery charger is accepted


Product Cartification: