what is the Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

The modified sine inverter is different from a pure sine power inverter because the wave is in more of a step wave and because appliances are not specifically designed to work with this type of inverter. Although many appliances will still work with a modified sine inverter, some may not work as efficiently. As such, it may take more power to run appliances with a modified sine inverter.

Using fluorescent lighting can be problematic when using modified sine power inverters. For example, they may not get as bright and some may make buzzing noises when on. Certain appliances with digital clocks or electronic timers may also work improperly with this type of inverter because the waves are rougher and cause extra “noise” to be created in the line. Furthermore, appliances that use electronic temperature controls will not be able to properly control the temperature when using modified sine wave marine inverters, RV inverters or car inverters.