Do you know what is car power inverter?

I guess you have to learn about AC and DC power, before you can figure out what a car power inverter is. Basically speaking, AC power is what you get out of the outlets at your house, and DC power is what you get out of batteries.

Since car battery only provide DC voltage output, but most consumer electronics devices only work on AC. Then if you want to use electronics devices on the road, you will need a transformer, such as a car power inverter. With a installed car power inverter, you can take just about any electronic device from your home or office, plug it into inverter in the car, then just enjoy it as usual, with some notices.

Some of the most critical factors should to keep in mind when use an inverter, like the capacity of the car battery, rated output of the devices, and output power of the inverter. All of these factors can play a part in determining which devices can be used with a car power inverter on the road.

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75W Modified Sine Wave car Inverter

75W Modified Sine Wave car Inverter