How is the power inverter connected?

In order to start work, an power inverter has to be connected to battery. Some of the most common connections includes:

  • cigarette lighter for car
  • direct to battery by alligator clips

The easiest way to connect an inverter is to simply plug it into the cigarette lighter, however here are some limitations to that type of connection

Since the fuse of car, output current limit would be 15A. That means you are not allowed to connect a more than 150W inverter/electronic device for 12v car battery. Otherwise, you will burn your car fuse after working some time.

For big watt electronic applications, the inverter needs to be directly connected to the battery by attached alligator clips, to avoid limitation of car fuse. It is little complicated than connecting cigatette lighter. You need to be carful with red/black or positive/negetive of battery. Make sure you connect red clip to the positive, black clip to the negetive. Otherwise, inverter could be damaged.
In this way, you can connect big watt load, as long as your battery has enough capacity.