Battery Based Power Inverters

Inverters will provide you with 120 volt power from your 12, 24 or 48 volt battery.
You can run appliances like a coffee maker, microwave oven, electric blankets, TV and satellite receivers, computers or any electric appliance you can think of.
The larger the load, the bigger the battery bank and inverter needs to be.

Meind has a very large selection of inverters in stock.
They come as stand alone inverters, inverters with built in transfer switch and inverter/chargers with transfer switch for RV’s, boats, and off grid homes.

Modified Sine Wave (MSW), also erroneously called modified sine wave, is represented by the red line. Most older inverters produced MSW. The MSW inverter emulates a sine wave but does a poor job of it. Although most electronics will run on the MSW, there are many modern electronics can be damaged by MSW.

A Prue Sine Wave inverter output, represented by the blue line, produces a waveform like the utility power at your home. I always recommend buying SW inverter as everything will run better.