Meind Sufficient 600W Pure Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverter with Universal Socket

$ 38.00

Hot Selling Pure Sine Wave Built-In Charger UPS DC to AC Continuous 1000W Peak 2000 Watt Power Inverter

$ 93.00

High Quality Pure Sine Wave Built-in Charger Digital Display DC to AC Sufficient 3000W Power Inverter

$ 259.00

75W Power Inverter Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Converter Car Inverter with USB American Socket

750W Portable UPS Power Station Solar Power Supply Outdoor Rechargeable Power Generator with Li Battery Jump Start

6000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Digital Display

$ 398.00

500W Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters

$ 14.00

400W 12V 24V Smart Car Battery Charger for AGM GEL Lead-Acid Lithium Battery with LCD Display

300W/400W/500W Portable UPS Power Station Solar Power Supply Rechargeable Power Generator with Li Battery

300W UPS Power Station Portable Solar Power Supply Rechargeable Power Generator with Li Battery LED Light

3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Digital Display

$ 201.00

200W Power Inverter for Car DC to AC Converter with USB Universal Socket

2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Digital Display

$ 148.00

180W Smart Automatic 12V/24V Car Battery Charger LCD 5-Stage Intelligent Pulse Repair Lead Acid Lithium Battery

150W Power Inverter Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Car Inverter with USB Universal Socket

$ 6.70

150W Power Inverter for Car with American Socket

$ 8.00

Why Choose Meind?

Certified Quality

Meind provides good quality of Power Inverter and Adapter with 12 years professional experiences. Products are certified and approved by most of certification organizations, such as CE, Rohs, UL and so on. Meind is also qualified by ISO 9000.

Cost Effective

Meind has highly vertical integration of supply chain and  resources, scientific management, strict quality control and reasonable stock management to cut product cost. We assure you the competitive factory price in the market.

Customized and OEM

Meind is always dedicated to provide customized and OEM service for even a small batch. What's more, we've already have plenty of customized models to choose from, which can save your time and money.


Professional Support

                     Meind offers not only good quality product, but also professional support for each customer. We work on every working day night , to cover time lag, respond customer email promptly. Our professional stuff can bring you with enjoyable communication experiences.

Customer Feedback

Very Reliable Seller
I am an engineer looking for high performance Power Inverter for our project. After browsing lots of Chinese factories, I spotted Meind which offered fast and professional quotation. I find not only their models are more technically advanced but their team was flexible enough to customize power inverters per our requirement, awesome customer service. I like to deal with him. I recommend this seller! --Peter Arnold (Engineer. LU, Switzerland)
Todo perfecto y muy rápido
Todo perfecto y muy rápido. La presentación de estos inversores son muy buena con su caja a todo color. El inversor muy bien construido con el grabado en el aluminio y 3 ventiladores para garantizar su enfriamiento. Precio muy competitivo con el mercado del mismo sector.siempre dispuesto a comunicarse, recomendará vendedor. --Francisco Martinez Garcia (Private owner. uintana Roo, Mexico)
Very fast. Power Inverter very good. I recommend Meind. I ordered three times for 100 pieces (300 pieces). They work stably for one year. Without failures and very reliable. Meind also responsed fast. These guys were fantastic; they really know their stuff, awesome customer service. --Olayiwola Ologbonde (Sotre Owner. Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria)
Отличный инвертор!
Большой инвертор! Отец счастлив, все прибыло благополучно и без ущерба. Инвертор работает хорошо (извините за инструкцию по-китайски, нужно было понять фотографии). Продавец очень отзывчивый и доброжелательный, пошел на полпути и решил проблемы. Доволен покупкой.. Магазин советует! --Natella Sudakova (Purchaser. Moskovskaya oblast, Russia)

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